Story about us

In Torathuna, we train, support, and develop Saudi handicraft projects and offer all sorts of cooperation to convert Saudi craftsmen into successful entrepreneurs managing sustainable projects. Torathuna is a social initiative that aims to retain the authentic Saudi heritage with all its components, the initiative is managed by Torathuna Social Responsibility, which is a non-profit entity affiliated to Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Co.

Our Requirements

The applicant must be holding the Saudi Arabian nationality.
The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
The applicant must be not working at the governmental sector.
The products must be manufactured by Saudi Arabian labor and the project must be launched and registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The project must be related to handicrafts and/or the national Saudi Arabian heritage.
The project must be related to handicrafts and/or the national Saudi Arabian heritage 2.

What we do

Helping those who wish to practice entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs through training, qualification, counseling, guidance, assistance in obtaining funding, facilitating government procedures through a selection of specialists and adopting the latest methods
Support handicraft projects of Saudi heritage to be operated by national hands
Convert Saudi handicrafts in this sector into successful entrepreneurs
Offering full training and support to Saudi handicraft projects
Develop, finance, and supervise these projects to guarantee their success and sustainability
Cooperating with international experts to offer professional consulting without infringing on the product’s authenticity
Complementing the efforts made by Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage to preserve Saudi handicrafts

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